Episode 507 – “You Can’t Tell A Story About Paris Without Saying, ‘When I Lived In Paris…'”

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Our good friend Meghan O’Malley is back on the podcast – #MegForTheWin! On this episode, Meghan joins me to talk about our age-33 season, renting Mars Attacks from Hollywood video,…

Episode 506 – “I’ve Built My Life Around What Makes Me Happy, And It’s Exciting, And It Involves Spandex.”

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In the time since our good friend Mary Hynes has been on the podcast, Mary has left NYC for Chicago to pursue her passions of comedy and fitness, through positivity….

Episode 505 – “If you’re going to be lucky… Firstly, own it. And, secondly, do something with it…”

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Episode 505 of Dennis Has A Podcast, and this was a fun, thoughful conversation with Zoe Samuel. Zoe shares her story about how she moved from England to Los Angeles…

Episode 504 – “Was There Any Push Back Against the Magical Puppy?” “Oh, Yes. Very Much So.”

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Our good friend Tommy Grossi, #grossiposse, is back on the show… again (take two!)… to talk about first jobs, how snacks and candy get smaller and more expensive, how his…

Episode 503 – “We Kind of Have to Be Good Bosses for Ourselves…”

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Peter Michael Marino is back on DHAP to talk about his improvised one-person show “Show Up” and the importance of showing up. The show and its title has new meaning…

Episode 502 – “I’m Still Privileged To Live a Pretty Safe Life and To Do What I Love…”

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Our good friend Matt Donato powers through his Houston Texans related sadness to join the podcast for our annual year in review and year preview movie podcasts! La La Land!…

Episode 501 – “Just Being OK With Being OK…”

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Our good friend Liz Miele is crushing it in the comedy world, and is back on DHAP to talk bodega cats, performing for the troops overseas, and the the importance…

Episode 500 – “No Pun Intended.”

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Episode 500. I say thank you to my friends, family, fans and listeners for their support and friendship over these past five years and 500 episodes. Our good friend Evan…