Episode 628 – “It’s Nice to Know People Aren’t Perfect the First Time They Get on Stage…”

By October 21, 2018Podcasts

Krista Komondor joins us on the show today to talk about how a trip to France and a co-worker helped to inspire a new character, the differences performing comedy as themselves as opposed to a character, our journeys through the online dating world, and more!

See Krista as Madame Komondor at Hot & Bothered Comedy (A Time Out Pick!), the first Wednesday of every month at 8pm at Black Cat!

You can learn more about Krista at KristaKomondor.com, and on Instagram at @krista_komondor!

Learn more about Madame Komondor at MadameKomondor.com, and on Instagram at @MadameKomondor!

You can download and listen to this episode here!

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