Episode 589 – “Word of Mouth from Kids is Not as Strong as (from) the Parents…”

By May 7, 2018Podcasts

Our good friend Peter Michael Marino joins us to talk about his new show “Show Up, Kids!” and to talk about the process of transforming a show for adults into a show for kids, the importance of creating a show that caters to both audiences, while also discussing festivals, the performing community and talk shows, promoting the tar out of yourself and more!

You can see an All-Star reading of Peter’s Desperately Seeking the Exit on Saturday, May 18th at Ryan’s Daughter on E 85th Street in Manhattan – for tickets and more information go to SeekingTheExit.com!

You can also see Show Up, Kids! in May, June and July at the Kraine Theater on E 4th Street in Manhattan – for tickets and more information to go ShowUpTheShow.com/Kids!

You can download and listen to the episode here!

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