Episode 585 – “And I Don’t Actually Know Where I’m Moving Yet…”

By April 29, 2018Podcasts

                      Headshot from Adam Smith (IG: @shotbyasmith)

Matt Vita is super passionate about music, comedy, surfing and snowboarding, and doesn’t know where in New York City he will be moving to tomorrow. Matt talks about being a surf guy moving to New York City, giving up his dream of moving to Costa Rica to pursue a life he wasn’t expecting, the joys of unexpected human interactions in the world, and so much more!

You can see Matt’s YouTube video “The Excel Rap” by putting that into the search bar and follow his channel, you can follow him on Instagram at @BigDawgNY1, check out his band The Shipwrecks at Arlene’s Grocery May 31st, and so many other places we talk during this episode. You can check out the photographer of Matt’s new headshot and chance encounter, Adam Smith, on Instagram @shotbyasmith.

Big thanks to Randy Medina to the new show graphics we will be rolling out!

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