Episode 548 – “I Will Sit Myself Through A Bad Situation If I Can Get a Joke Out of It…”

By November 9, 2017Podcasts

The very funny and incredibly part-time New Yorker, Caitlin Arcand, joins me on the podcast today to talk about her one-person show “She Doesn’t Even Live Here” that she will be performing at Solocom on Sunday, November 19th at 9pm at The PIT Loft in NYC. We talk to Caitlin about her show, being a Harvard student, interning in NYC while living in Boston, the differences of wanting good things versus interesting things, and so much more!

You can learn more about Caitlin at CaitlinArcand.com!

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Today’s episode was produced/edited by┬áRory Geoghegan. Thanks Rory!