Episode 544 – “I’ve Heard He’s a Very Nice Man, Which I Guess Is An Accomplishment.”

By October 9, 2017Podcasts

Today on the podcast we talk with comedian Laura Merli about the underrated use of PowerPoint in comedy, the importance of escaping brain bubbles, the value of believing in your material, the evolution of being awkward, and so much more! You can see Laura’s one-woman show “Earned Embarassement” on Thursday 10/26 at The PIT at 6pm and Monday 10/30 at The Tank at 7pm. You can check out the Humdinger Stand-Up open mic at The PIT Monday 10/23 at 10pm (with lottery spots available if you hope to perform!). You can also listen to her podcast “How to be Less Awkward” at WICF.com/awkward! And you can check out a variety show version of the podcast n Thursday 10/19 at The PIT Loft at 6pm!

You can follow Laura on Twitter and Instagram at @passiveabrasive.

You can download and listen to this episode here!

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