Episode 518 – “Listen, I’m a Ghost. And, I’m a Robot. But I Don’t Pirate Anymore.”

By June 13, 2017Podcasts

While I’m getting ready to settle in for some Student Driver this past Sunday (and every Sunday, 7:30pm in The PIT Underground), Dana Shulman comes up to me and was, like, “Hey. Do you want to record a podcast?”

Obviously. Yes.

So, after their show on Sunday, all eight members of Student Driver who did the show on Sunday joined me in The PIT Attic to talk about their time as a team, their start in improv, what each of the comedy super powers are and so much more!

To learn more about Student Driver, check them out on Facebook at Facebook.com/StudentDriverNYC and in Twitter at @StudentDriverNY. Also, INDIEpendence Day, the 7th Annual, this July 4th from The PIT from Noon to Midnight!

You can download and listen to this episode here!