Episode 516 – “Every Time That We Get More Successful, I Don’t Really Get Much Happier…”

By May 12, 2017Podcasts

Alex and Jonathan of Kiss On The Lips join me in the attic of The PIT to talk about their progression of performing comedy in basements in college, to performing in basements in the city, to finally, you know, performing where they may be natural light.

We also touch on Chris Christie’s love of snacks, my lack of knowledge of New Jersey geography, how their comedy has evolved since the beginning of college, the importance or lack their of of trying different mediums to pursue comedy, and meaning and lastingness of success, and so much more.

You can check out Kiss On The Lips on June 1 at 7pm at The PIT Loft, and June 28 at 7:30pm at The PIT Underground.

You can also check out KOTL on Facebook.com/KOTLnyc and on Instagram at @Kiss.On.The.Lips.NYC!

You can download and listen to this episode here!