Episode 329 – J.W. Crump

By February 16, 2015Podcasts


I first learned of J.W. Crump as the creator of the very funny Bonerz Coffee that my friends acted in, and over the last few months, no matter where in the comedy world I traveled, J.W.’s name was sure to come up. From Gas Staton Horrow to Sktch Shw to stand-up and so much more, I chat with J.W. about all of the wonderful projects he’s involved in, moving to New York via DC from North Carolina, balancing the introvert/extrovert line and so much more!

Check out more about J.W. at JWCrump.com, and be sure to check out GasStationHorror.com and SktchShw.com!

You can download and listen to this episode here!