Episode 194 – dUg Pinnick of KXM

By March 7, 2014Podcasts


Today is another one of those treats and perks I get from doing this show. I just spoke with dUg Pinnick from the supergroup KXM which also features George Lynch of Dokken and Lynch Mob, and Ray Luzier of Korn. Their self-titled debut, which you can get March 11 (at various places, including Amazon¬†where the pre-order is the #1 Hard Rock album), is incredible. dUg’s vocals combined with the trio’s instrument work is great record. I do hope they are able to tour behind it soon!

I chat with dUg about how this project came together (it involves cake!), all of the various projects he’s a part of and how he keeps his enthusiasm going for everything, how he comes across talented new bands, and dUg shares that first record he fell in love with.

You can follow dUg on Twitter and like him on Facebook! You can follow KXM on Twitter and like them on Facebook! And you can get the record March 11!