Episode 17 – Sitesh Shah

By February 28, 2012Podcasts

Following a few of the WFAN personalities on Twitter, I came across the very funny Sitesh Shah. His humor led me to checking out his early Sunday night radio show, Between the Lines, on WPRB 103.3 FM in Princeton, NJ (The show is on live Saturday night into Sunday, midnight to at least 1am… or listen to the podcasts here).

On the podcast we talk the Mets plight, the Knicks (without more than a mere mention of Jeremy Lin), and a tiny bit of his interesting journey to sports media.

Sitesh was incredible generous with his time, honesty, take, and advice… cannot thank him enough. He’s a legit awesome dude. Can’t wait to have him on again!

Follow Sitesh on Twitter at @SSWfan and be sure to check SiteshShah.com currently getting a make over.