Dennis Has A Podcast 3 Year Anniversary Stand-Up Comedy Showcase!

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Putting together a Dennis Has A Podcast comedy show is something I have been thinking about doing for quite a while now. Every time I’d get the itch to put something together, logistics would fight their way into my path.

But, this year… oh, this year…


With the help of all too many of my friends, we are putting together a Dennis Has A Podcast 3 Year Anniversary Comedy Showcase. That’s a lot of words. And, it’s taking even more work to put it together.

I cannot thank enough everyone who has been invaluable in putting this together.

First and foremost, I want to thank my friends Dennis & Liz at Astoria Coffee for the space to put on their show. They opened their amazing coffee spot at the end of the summer, and it is a beautiful space. If you are in Astoria, stop by Astoria Coffee for a wonderful cup of coffee.

I also need to thank the great Kevin Chiramonte, a true jack of all trades. This dude knows how to get things done. Kevin will be hooking up the show with a mic and speakers so, you know, we can hear the funny.

Melanie Causi, one of the best up and coming photographers out there, will be at the show taking pictures, and Keith Blacknick will be gracing out space with his audio/video skills.

I always said that is we were going to put together a comedy show, that we were going to do it right. I am so incredibly thankful to my friends to share their time and their skills for something I am trying to put together

Thank you so, so much!

Finally, the comedians. My wonderful, wonderful comedian friends. When I was even beginning to think about putting together this show, I reached out to most of my comedian friends to gauge their interest in participating in this show. Between their support and the interest of other comedians, I am so humbled and overwhelmed by how many people wanted to do this show. I am blessed to be friends with some of the best comedians, improvisers, writers, actors, musicians, etc. this city and this world has to offer. My hope is to work with each and every one of them soon.

I need to thank and shout out each and every one of these amazing comedians who will be performing at the DHAP 3rd Anniverary Show individually:


Joe Pontillo

Joe Pontillo (#33, #175 & #260) is a comic’s comic. Running as part of many comedy circles, Joe can be working anywhere in the tri-state area on any given night bringing laughter to the assembled masses. Joe Pontillo wrote and directed his most recent film, Hank is Evil, released this fall. I not only had the pleasure to see this movie, but had the misfortune to introduce Joe to his adoring public at the world premiere. Joe has been a consistent friend and supporter of Dennis Has A Podcast, and he’s not a friend or supporter of anything. You can learn more about Joe’s very funny film at You can also learn more about Joe on his website or follow him on Twitter!


Adam Lucidi

Adam Lucidi (#35, #42, #60, #65, #79, #90, #150, #225 & #272) is one of the first people I got to truly know through the podcast. Over the past few years, I have not only gotten to know Adam as the Funniest Man in NYC, but as a great friend. Whether I need to run a joke by somebody or to have a heart-to-heart conversation, Adam Lucidi is the first people I know I can turn to. Adam made his television debut on AXS TV’s Gotham City Live in October and is also a part of the web series Askholes. You can see him doing comedy all across New York City and the northeast. Adam has been one of the most frequent guests of Dennis Has A Podcast and I look forward to having him on the show many more times. I encourage you to learn more about Adam on his website, but don’t give him the pleasure of following him on Twitter.


Kevin Dombrowski

Kevin Dombrowski (#81#106#217 & #310) continually impresses and inspires me. There are few people I know inside and outside of the comedy world who work as hard as Kevin Dombrowski. Whether it’s hosting a mic at The Laughing Buddah or making guest appearances on The Artie Lange Show, Kevin turns his real experiences into real laughs. Kevin has been a true friend of Dennis Has A Podcast in his many guest appearances including an all-time DHAP moment where he shared “Dombrowski’s Danza Story.” Kevin will be hosting New Year’s Eve at the Comedy Cove in New Jersey, opening for Carlos Mencia January 22 through January 25h at Levity Live in West Nyack, NY, and headling the Comedy Cabaret in Philadelphia on January 31st! You can learn more about Kevin by liking him on Facebook or following him on Twitter.


Angela Cobb

Angela Cobb (#230 & #286) is one of the funnier comedians I know, and one whom I am happy to say has become a good friend over the last few months. Angela has crushed both of her DHAP appearances and was a driving force in me continuing to explore stand-up by taking a comedy class at Broadway Comedy Club. Angela is in the process of recording her first comedy album, tentatively titled Recovering Tomboy, and you can learn more about Angela and watch her crush some hashtag wars on Twitter!


Christi Chiello

Christi Chiello (#128 & #261) has an energy that I’m not even sure the best authors in the world could imagine. Every time I see and talk to Christi I am greeted with a warm smile and boundless positivity. Christi has been taking over the comedy world as of late. You can see her as of late as part of the web series Askholes & Seeing Other People. She also hosts the Lance Bass Space Mic every Sunday at 10:00 pm at The Creek & The Cave. And, you can see her spreading the laughs all across the city. You can learn more about Christi at and you can follow her on Twitter!


Jared Wilder

Jared Wilder (#182#183 & #303 might be more cuddly than I am. That’s a problem. Jared is a true man of the people, hugging, smiling, and laughing with people wherever he goes. He is the host and creator of Laugh and A Draft most Thursday’s at Flannery’s. He is also part of the ensembles of Artistic New Directions and Gotham City Improv. You can learn more about Jared by friending him on Facebook and by learning more about Laugh and a Draft on Twitter and Facebook.


Katie Haller

Katie Haller (#234 & #284) is a stand-up comedian, writer, actress, social media master, podcaster, rapper and so much more. What she may lack in height, she makes up for in humor. Katie is currently hosting the brand new podcast This Week in Sex. You can also see her rap video debut from her alter ego T-Spoon, Nuthin’ But A Wee Thang! Katie has been a great friend of DHAP the last few years and it has been wonderful to see her continue to expand her reach and grow comedically. You can learn more about Katie at and you can follow Katie on Twitter!


Marc Adam Smith

Marc Adam Smith (#63#129, #199, & #266) makes me laugh. Marc would have been one of my best friends in college had the fates allowed. We share a love of sports, classic film, and the art of professional wrestling. Marc has been involved in improv comedy for most of his life as a director, writer, and performer, and has been involved in a great many projects around New York City including being a Team Leader with the wonderful Cherub Improv that provides volunteer improv comedy partnering with hospitals, senior homes, veterans centers, children’s shelters, and many other worthwhile organizations. To talk to Marc about 70’s film, 80’s wrestling, or anything really, be sure to follow him on Twitter.


Sarah Spear

Sarah Spear (#135#206 & #281) is one of my favorites. Every time our paths cross, I leave either laughing or smiling, and usually both (I’m looking at you, donut sweater!). A staple of DHAP, Spear keeps busy with her new comedy duo Side Dish Comedy, and hosts a monthly lady show at Legion Bar. You can learn more about Sarah solely by the name of her website, and I encourage you to follow Sarah on Twitter and support her Instagram caption addiction!

filan2 (2)

Joanne Filan

Joanne Filan (#123 & #276) would be one of the first people I would choose to be on my side no matter what the challenge. Filan is someone who not only constantly makes me laugh, but someone who also constantly makes me think. That attention to detail is all too evident in her comedy. Joanne is someone who has made a great impact on me in her appearances on DHAP. Whether it’s talking Jeff Goldbum and Geena Davis, or motorcycles, or talking shop and the writing/performing process, Filan is someone well worth spending an hour with… and, frankly, we need to chat more often. You can learn more about Joanne Filan on her website!