2012 Royal Rumble Preview

By January 29, 2012Podcasts

Today, I recorded my first “Mini”-Podcast previewing the 2012 Royal Rumble. The Mini-Podcasts are going to be a little different in that me, and sometimes a guest, will talk solely on one topic for 5-to-10 minutes to get a feel and reaction on something as close to real-time as possible.

To give you a little taste on my preview, I feel that John Cena is going to destroy Kane, whether it be in the ring or outside of it. I’m saying Kane will get the DQ victory, but Cena is going to go nuts… and we’re all going to enjoy it. I don’t see how Daniel Bryan loses the belt tonight. Mark Henry got more hurt and why would you put the belt on the Big Show. I’m not sure Bryan is going to hold on to his belt past Elimination Chamber, but he’s leaving with the belt tonight.

As for my prediction of the WWE Championship match and the Royal Rumble winner? Listening to the podcast to find out. May I be using the reverse-jinx? It’s distinctly possible.